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IPRN TELECOM was founded in 2008, as wholesalers after spending years in the International Premium Rate Numbers industry, abbreviated as IPRN. We decided to delight our partners with Daily Payments on International Premium Rate Numbers and Solutions with Global Access on World Wide Ranges along with updated Rate Cards at weekly basis. Long Term Payment Periods were time consuming, and expensive to manage. So here is IPRN TELECOM offering you secured Daily Payments with trust and ease.

After observing an increased demand for daily payouts on Premium Rate Numbers and solutions, we emerged one of the only fully-featured, user's enhanced and commission-free Company for International Premium Rate Numbers, in order to set up a secure payment ground. IPRN TELECOM was inaugurated with our client's perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a platform where our resellers can entertain themselves with daily payouts as well as weekly and monthly. We kept it simple, so our partners can focus on daily traffic that generates daily revenue. Unlike other companies, to sign up with us is absolutely free. You can get online statistics, create your own company by adding sub clients, or start allocating numbers right away. Furthermore you can upload your trademark logo as well.

Today, with the faith of our partners, we're proud to empower individuals and a large number of resellers from the world, allowing our resellers to launch their own business.

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Following the drastic requirements, with the past few years in International Premium Rate Numbers industry, we decided to emerge a premiere platform with secure and acquiescence payments for our partners by marking the extraordinary growth and expansion of the International premium number ranges. Our team has devoted themselves to provide fully innovative and customized services, meeting our partner's needs in order to provide best solutions. The endeavors being made by the IPRN Team in establishing a user friendly environment of Premium Rate Number for partners are commendable. I am confident that IPRN Telecom will continue to entertain it partners with spectacular services and team integrity.




Bring a vibrant change by realizing the potential of IPRN Industry.


  • Provide ravishing experience to our partners with excellence of service
  • Developing a Sustainable Platform by taking the International Premium Rate industry to new level
  • Focusing on the Value and cost effective solutions as a trusted company.
  • Enhancing our relationship with our partners by providing opportunities.
  • Give away a platform to groom our partners as an Entrepreneur.

We are committed to provide authentic services to our partners by taking an oath to deliver secure and fast payments with variety of payment methods. We as IPRN Team are consciously enduring ourselves to continually improve and are fully conscientious regarding our services.

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Lithuania 3037068104590
Lithuania 3737066879729
Cyprus 235790085965
Latvia 3337123602449
Abkhazia 2679407072600
Abkhazia Special 100
UK 58447418437050
Guinea 53224628194380
Abkhazia 1679407188150
Comoros 42694109890
Guatemala 4150230664394
Morocco 4212697984689
Guatemala 3350230175193
Eritrea 122917278055
Poland 148780207430
Eritrea 132917091046
Guatemala 1650257714466
Estonia 1837282346560
Eritrea 12917946480
Morocco 10212670893225
Eritrea 152917019046
Eritrea 162917004045
Qatar 797477643230
Abkhazia 1579407237150
Latvia 1937122267230
Moldova 537362060665
Latvia 1337121691510
Yeman 1967705214600
Estonia 1237254295054
Togo 122898745345
UK 17447417912465
Tunisia 521628708050
Qatar 397433976870
Eritrea 142917021053
UK 18447417907161
Madagascar 3261327026650
Lithuania 7237045485655
Estonia 213726634030
UK 38447559270050
UK 19447417204073
Estonia 23723302850
UK 52447537331062
UK 2447406812050
Qatar 897474490270
Tunisia 321697209550
UK 45447520462550
UK 59447390081100
Tunisia 1021636992660
Lithuania 4437066912350
UK 40447417980400
UK 24447893313625
Tunisia 921636876950
gambia 382207233693
gambia 282207395163
UK 12447417970550
Latvia 10637121173230
UK 13447417962650
Abkhazia 179407079560
UK 14447417947150
Lithuania 137031050250
UK 15447417932725
Qatar 697433807610
Estonia 1337254298599
UK 35447559742825
UK 16447417923450