How it works? FAQ

What are International Premium Rate Numbers and who can work on it?

Premium numbers are used for business where callers make calls for availing services like T.V shows, Gaming shows, voting lines , Live Chat purpose, and for which callers will be paid for calling according to call duration. Any Organization or individual can start using these numbers.

Why to choose IPRN Telecom?

IPRN Telecom offers immediate billing and real time confirmation of the payment process. Due to Trust worthy environment, authentic organization and fast payment, IPRN Telecom Services are widely using by people all over the world in order to generate secure revenue.

How can take a bird view of IPRN Telecom portal before registering as a partner?

We provide you an absolute experience of joy before opting for us. Here is our test portal where you can thoroughly observe our portal.
Username: test
Password: test

How to start working with IPRN Telecom? Is it free?

Your future with IPRN Telecom is just a click away. Click here to Sign up and step into business world. Registration with us is entirely free of cost and you don't have to pay any extra charges.

Can I register as a company?

Yes, you can register yourself as a company and as well as an individual user. For start working as a company you just have to upload your own logo, slogan and your sub clients.
*IPRN Telecom is liable to pay resellers register with us; revenue of clients under resellers will be paid by reseller. We pay directly to the owner if you are registering as a company.

What are the Calling Charges of IPRN?

Your calling cost entirely depends on your carrier. Calls to these premium rate numbers will be charged at the prices quoted by your network provider and will be deducted from your calling credits by your carrier.

Is there any hidden charges?

No, the only charges you have to pay are the calling rates your carrier is charging you. We are commission free company and we provide our services for free whereas you will receive payout for every single second of your traffic.

Is my Information secure?

Undoubtedly, your each and every single information is confidential with IPRN Telecom. Customer security is our first and foremost take.

Is my Payment confirmed on daily and weekly terms?

IPRN Telecom holds its dignity in market by paying on time. Make sure you provide us with correct payment information In order to entertain yourself on time payments.
*monthly payment may vary on the traffic profile.

How can I generate maximum revenue?

Your revenue totally depends on the traffic you generate. Higher the traffic higher will be your revenue.

How Can I order number if all numbers are busy with other clients?

You just have to simply ping us and the numbers will instantly added into your account.

How do I check minutes of traffic I have generated?

IPRN Telecom provides you with live statistics. You can check all the stats from the day you have registered with us as well as the stats of your sub clients.

Can Numbers of Different Ranges be added in my account at the same time?

Yes, you can add as many ranges as you want in your account. However, each range will be treated separately and gives different payout as mentioned.

What are the Payment terms offered by IPRN Telecom?

We are currently offering three types of payments.
1. Daily
2. Weekly
3. Monthly
For further information click here.

What should be minimum balance for requesting payments?

Your minimum balance should be 200 USD or 200 EURO for weekly and monthly. As for daily payment it should be ?USD or ?EURO

When and how will I get paid?

For detailed payment terms and method, please visit here.

What does test number means?

For each country, destination or termination we have a test number. You make call on those test number in order to check if you have access to that specific range.

How to find access to any termination?

You have to make calls to test numbers. When you hear our IVR (voice message) or see your call in ACTIVE CALLS AT PORTAL this means that you have gained access to that termination. You can also ask for help of our sales and support team to find access for you.

What is your IVR (Voice Message) for successful call connecting?

If you hear at IVR while calling on test numbers "Your test call is successful. Please contact your sales advisor or visit our portal" that means you have gained access.

Can you allocate me test number if my call connected to test number?

Since test numbers are only to verify whether you have access or not to that number, it cannot be added into your account.

Can I generate revenue while calling on test numbers?

Test calls are not for generating revenue, it's only to confirm whether you have access or not. Please refrain from making traffic on test numbers.

My call is connected to test number and I have got access. How do I start than?

Test number is a specific number for every Termination. All the numbers in test numbers are of same series under that specific Termination. You can request us to add numbers of that range or termination into your account as well as you can add numbers by yourself on visiting portal, and you are all ready to start traffic.

Can I start traffic on numbers without adding them into my account?

No you cannot, Payout will not be credited into your account unless numbers are allocated to you.

Can I make local calls?

No, you cannot, since these are International premium rate numbers, you have to make International calls in order to generate fair revenue.

How long should be call duration?

Greater the duration, greater will be revenue. We encourage you to make call maximum then 2 minutes up to how long you want.

At How many Terminations can I call at a time?

You can call at every possible termination where you have access. For example if you want to make traffic at two or three or even multiple ranges in one time, you are more than welcome to.

Can I make calls to one number from several other numbers at the same time?

Yes you can, but for your ease, we can assign you as many numbers as you want to increase your traffic

How many calls can be connected from a single CLI to Single Number at the same timer?

You can connect from 1 up to 6 calls at a same time, from a single CLI to Same Single number.

Whom to contact if I have any complaint?

IPRN telecom gives you directly access to our admin as well as there is our specialized staff to escalate any matter.

Do you have live support?

Our support team is available 24x7. We listen to your need and business weakness and help you to groom in this business.
If lack IPRN knowledge and want to learn more. You can Ping us any time at or .

New Terminations
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Hot Terminations
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TerminationTest Number
Lithuania 3037068104590
Lithuania 3737066879729
Cyprus 235790085965
Latvia 3337123602449
Abkhazia 2679407072600
Abkhazia Special 100
UK 58447418437050
Guinea 53224628194380
Abkhazia 1679407188150
Comoros 42694109890
Guatemala 4150230664394
Morocco 4212697984689
Guatemala 3350230175193
Eritrea 122917278055
Poland 148780207430
Eritrea 132917091046
Guatemala 1650257714466
Estonia 1837282346560
Eritrea 12917946480
Morocco 10212670893225
Eritrea 152917019046
Eritrea 162917004045
Qatar 797477643230
Abkhazia 1579407237150
Latvia 1937122267230
Moldova 537362060665
Latvia 1337121691510
Yeman 1967705214600
Estonia 1237254295054
Togo 122898745345
UK 17447417912465
Tunisia 521628708050
Qatar 397433976870
Eritrea 142917021053
UK 18447417907161
Madagascar 3261327026650
Lithuania 7237045485655
Estonia 213726634030
UK 38447559270050
UK 19447417204073
Estonia 23723302850
UK 52447537331062
UK 2447406812050
Qatar 897474490270
Tunisia 321697209550
UK 45447520462550
UK 59447390081100
Tunisia 1021636992660
Lithuania 4437066912350
UK 40447417980400
UK 24447893313625
Tunisia 921636876950
gambia 382207233693
gambia 282207395163
UK 12447417970550
Latvia 10637121173230
UK 13447417962650
Abkhazia 179407079560
UK 14447417947150
Lithuania 137031050250
UK 15447417932725
Qatar 697433807610
Estonia 1337254298599
UK 35447559742825
UK 16447417923450