Terms of Service


1. The following terms of services shall apply to any partner who uses IPRN Telecom Services as individual or company.


"Agreement" or "Service agreement" means an approved subscriptions to the Service between IPRN Telecom and the partners, subject to the terms herein.

  • "Carrier" means a national telephone carrier or another supplier for telephone numbers and connections.
  • "CDR" refers to IPRN Telecom statistics of Traffic information passing through the International Premium Rate Numbers generated by the resellers.
  • "Callers" refers to people calling the IPRN or generating traffic.
  • "Carrier" refers to any national or international telephone carrier and supplier of telephone numbers and connections.
  • "Confidential Information" refers to all information of our partners in any format i.e (i) identification (ii) sub clients (iii) business, affairs
  • "IPRN" refers to international premium rate number or numbers allocated from IPRN Telecom to the Customer.
  • "IVR" refers to voice message response feature provided IPRN Telecom to the Customer/partner.
  • "Reseller" refers to any individual, company, partner client or client of the Client entitled with our services.
  • "Valid E-mail Address" refers to any encrypted or non-encrypted e-mail address provided by the Client where messages, bills or documents are sent to, binding the Client in order to receive secure payment delivery.
  • "Services": refers to the services provided from IPRN Telecom to the partner/customer/Client.
  • "Traffic" refers to flow of calls generated on the numbers provided by IPRN Telecom for clients.
  • "Numbers" refers to International premium rate and SMS allocated to the Customer.
  • "Rates" refers to payouts of specific billing group.
  • "FAQ" refers to frequently asked questions published on IPRN Telecom Website.
  • "Minimum account balance" refers to the rules for minimum amount that can be paid to reseller, as per defined in FAQ and payment terms Section.
  • "Order Confirmation" refers to the numbers allocated to resellers account by IPRN Telecom upon his request.

    IPRN Telecom is accountable to provide all the statistical data about traffic volume and duration, generated by the resellers. All the Statistics are automatically generated by the electoral system of IPRN Telecom.


    • CDRs will be used in case of any dispute happened between IPRN Telecom and client, as the reference to identify the Volume of generated traffic.
    • IPRN Telecom will not held accountable to pay or any fraudulent or hacking (PABX) traffic.


    • Resellers are requested to provide valid information regarding their identity, contact and location in order to ensure secure payments.
    • Resellers will be accountable to generate quality services and that these services doesn't cause any harm.
    • Resellers shall be agreed not to generate any fraudulent traffic.

    If IPRN Telecom accuses any person guilty of fraudulent activity, company has right to:

    • withhold your due payment
    • block your account
    • discontinual of services to you
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